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Updated: May 2, 2023


At Hill Farm Suffolk, Spring has well and truly sprung. White narcissus line the banks of the pond.

Bluebells pop around the trees with an iridescent blue, and our crops of wheat, barley and beans are

starting to emerge from the rich, brown soil. These crops will be harvested in the summer, to the delight of

children staying in the glamping site, whowill love seeing the combine and tractors chug up and down the


The glamping site is starting to take shape for the season. Our bell tents are up, protected from the

elements by their covers. They will be dressed with furniture and linen over the coming weeks, ready to

welcome our glampers at the end of May. Logs are being split and put into bags with kindling and

children staying in the glamping site, who will love seeing the combine and tractors chug up and down

the of the season in preparation.


Spring is a beautiful time of year. The sun is out, the days are longer and the weather is warm. It's a perfect

opportunity to enjoy nature and relax in the great outdoors. And what better way to do that than

glamping? Glamping is a great way to combine the rustic atmosphere of camping with the luxuries of a

hotel. Whether it’s at a campground or on a farm, glamping during spring can be a delightful experience.

When glamping on a farm during spring, you can take in the sights and sounds of nature in bloom. Birds

are singing, flowers are blooming and animals are scurrying around.

When glamping during spring, proper preperation is key. Bring appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, comfortable shoes and a hat. Make sure you have plenty of snacks, drinks and food to last your stay. Additionally, pack any items you might need for entertainment such as books, board games and cards.


The animals on a farm add an extra element of fun to the glamping experience. If you’re lucky enough to

be staying at a farm with animals, take the time to observe them from afar. Watch chickens and ducks as

they roam around in search of food, listen for the distant mooing of cows and sheep, and don’t forget to

bring your camera for some unforgettable snapshots.


Glamping is the perfect way to enjoy a spring getaway without the hassle of preperation and packing. This

unique form of camping offers all of the fun of nature without having to worry about the discomforts that

traditional camping can bring. Plus, you can enjoy nature with all the comforts of home – a real luxury.

Glamping in the springtime has some additional benefits compared to other seasons. The fresh air and the

sight of blooming flowers during spring make it a truly romantic experience. And if you’re lucky, you might

catch a glimpse of blue bells in the woodlands around you. The warmth of the sun during the day and the

crisp chill of the night make it even more enjoyable. Not to mention that many glamping locations offer

cozy amenities like hot tubs and fire pits, so you can make the most out of your stay.


If you’re looking for the perfect glamping experience during the spring, a farm is a great option. The key to

making sure you have a great experience is to do your preperation. Here are some tips on finding the right

farm glamping experience.

First, consider the location. Depending on where you live, there might be different farms offering glamping

experiences. Make sure to research what’s nearby, as well as any potential activities or amenities you may

want to enjoy.

Next, consider the facilities that are available. Does the farm have running water and power? What about

comfortable furniture? Are there washing facilities, and will you be able to prepare your own meals?

Knowing what’s available ahead of time can help you decide if a particular farm is the right fit for you.

Finally, think about the natural environment around the farm. Are there fields of flowers or blue bells to

explore? Are there trails to hike? If these are important parts of your glamping experience, make sure

they’re available on the farm before you book your stay.

By taking the time to consider all these factors, you can make sure you’re getting the perfect farm

glamping experience this spring!


Glamping during spring can be an unforgettable experience. With so much beauty and wonder to take in,

there’s something for everyone. So grab your bags, put on your comfiest shoes and head to a farm for an

amazing glamping adventure!

If you are looking for a glamping trip to enjoy this spring season then we would love welcome you at Hill

Farm in Suffolk, why not book your next adventure today and head to or get in

touch with us today by emailing us at

Happy glamping!


Stephie, Mary, Iain, Lisa & Felix xx

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